About Me

Hi, I’m Rob. I’m a designer/developer.

In other words, I’m a graphic designer and full-stack web developer. Basically I make websites.

I like to help people. I can do that because I focus on both the human and the technical aspects, to make my solutions ‘work’ in every sense.

I love exploring and experimenting with the latest technologies, and optimising systems for people so they can do their own work more easily.

I live in Midhurst, West Sussex, near London, United Kingdom and frequently explore the South of England.

What I’m doing with my life

All sorts of stuff. I team up with people and help them with their projects, usually in a technical or engineering capacity.

I make websites. I freelance as a designer/programmer; it suits me well. I love figuring out how things can work better for people.

I’ve also assisted with media production (eg. for a ‘conscious living’ radio show) – sound recording/editing, video recording/editing, 3D and motion graphics.

In my earlier life I made music. I had a recording studio and engineered live sound. I toured with a punk band. I did a little DJing. I once headlined at a festival by mistake, in Estonia.

I sometimes do a bit of Qigong — an amazing energy building, physically-enhancing moving meditation — not dissimilar to Tai Chi.

Personally speaking

  • My mind is logical & intuitive. I’m a natural architect.
  • I love challenge and adventure. I get around a bit.
  • I try to see things from all sides: open minded.
  • People come to me for technical advice (always happy to help).
  • I’m curious; interested in learning new things.

My outlook/in-look

  • My dominant desire is to understand
  • I look at the big picture
  • I seek to improve things
  • I tend towards an optimistic view
  • I believe in humanity and I’m interested in our growth

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