Conscious web design for an evolving planet

Web Design for the Next Level

Welcome, world-changer!

Don’t you love it when technology just works for you, so that you can get on with creating what really matters? I love finding ways to help people get the best out of technology, especially those who focus on creating what is true to their heart—that’s you, I hope!

I’ll be your technological ally. I can help deliver your expression into the world through insight and engineering, easing the creative process and helping your work to flow more smoothly, just as it should.

Having worked in media, the arts and technology all my life, I have a unique palette of skills and experience; a deep understanding of systems and a passion for creating harmony, balance and flow. A talent for recognising and reflecting the essence of you and your business.

I’d like to use these assets to make the world a little better, partnering with people who have the same ambition. I’d like to make a positive difference to people’s lives through my work. If that rings true, I’d like to co-create with you!

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How can I help?

I have many strings to my bow! For almost all my clients, I am a one-stop shop.

Graphic Design & Publishing

  • Branding (logos, style guides)
  • Printed leaflets (flyers, posters, brochures, pamphlets)
  • Typesetting & layout (for printed books, eBooks and websites)

Web Design & Development

  • Content Management (eg. WordPress)
    • Information Architecture (AKA organising your content)
  • Front-end design & development
    • Interface & layout
    • User Experience
  • Programming (eg. Javascript, PHP)
  • Databases (eg. MySQL)
    • Designing forms and spreadsheets for your data

Server & Email management

  • Managed hosting
  • Emails
  • Domains

Media & Content Production

  • Video recording & editing
  • Audio recording, mixing & editing
  • 3D graphics

IT Support

  • Apple Mac
  • Windows
  • Android & iOS

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